About us


It all began in 2001 when we decided to change our lives after decades in the dairy sector. We wanted to find a new way to work the land and ventured into the world of vineyards.

With much effort and dedication, we started cultivating our first grapes in a small plot that same year. Gradually, over time, we expanded our crops to our current 3.8 hectares.

We are proud to work in harmony with nature and to use only the grapes we produce on our own land. At Bengoetxe, organic production is part of our essence.

In 2008, we became part of the Getariako Txakolina D.O. as one of the pioneering wineries away from the coast.

Our story is that of simple and passionate people who have found a way of life in the land. Every day, we strive to honor our roots and share the authenticity of our wines with those around us.

Our path

Since 2001, and with more than 3.8 hectares planted, we are proud of our organic production and the authenticity of each wine we make.

Milestone 1


Planting of the first plot.

Milestone 2


First production (As table wine).

Milestone 3


Introduction to the Getariako Txakolina D.O.

Milestone 4


First production of Bengoetxe Berezia.

Our Values

Since our beginnings, at Bengoetxe we embrace responsibility and opt for 100% ecological production of our txakoli, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Each bottle reflects the authenticity of our roots. We merge our family project with sustainability and the preservation of the natural resources of our region.

Imagen Bengoetxe


From the beginning, we were clear that the production of our txakoli had to be 100% organic. Our wines certify their production free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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Every drop of txakoli we produce comes from our plots.

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We combine a family project with the idea of preserving the natural resources of our area.

Our Team

Our dream at Bengoetxe arose from the hands of Iñaki Etxeberria and Rosa Mari Urteaga. For years, with effort and dedication, we have built this project step by step in our beloved family farmhouse.

Now, the second generation, made up of Eneko, Jon, and Maialen, are taking over with gratitude. We are honored to continue the work our parents began, and we commit to keep working with the same passion and respect for the land that saw us grow.

Imagen Bengoetxe
Imagen Bengoetxe

The Farmhouse

The family farmhouse has been the cornerstone of our project. At Bengoetxe, we believe that it is not the farmhouse that belongs to a family, but rather the family that belongs to the farmhouse.

Details about our beloved home: